Sc. 172 failing to provide drivers details

If a motor vehicle is believed to have been involved in an offence the Chief Constable will send a Notice of Intended Prosecution to the owner of the vehicle.  This will formally request the owner of the vehicle to confirm who the driver of the vehicle was.

If you fail to do this you could be prosecuted for an offence under Sc. 172

Sentencing for failing to provide drivers details

  • Maximum fine of £1,000
  • Must endorse with 6 penalty points

General Information

It will be a defence to this charge if:

  • The Notice of Intended prosecution was not served within 14 days
  • You sent the response to the Police but it was not received
  • You did not know who the driver was and had acted with “due diligence “ in trying to identify who the driver was
  • You never received the notice

If you believe you have a defence to this charge then you should contact us to discuss further.  We will be able to assist you in gathering evidence to assist your defence.

Often the onus and burden of proof is on the defendant to show “on the balance of probabilities” that you have complied with the procedure.

We will be able to assist you and advise you regarding your case.

We have an excellent record of preparing and defending these cases and have secured many not guilty verdicts.