New Driver Provisions

If you have held your full UK Driving licence for less than 2 years and receive 6 or more penalty points then your licence will be revoked and you will revert back to provisional status.

For lots of drivers the thought of having their licence revoked and returned to provisional status is not a pleasant one.

Unfortunately if you receive 6 points on your licence in the first 2 years of your driving then this is mandatory.

How can you avoid this happening?

It is possible in some circumstances to avoid the imposition of 6 penalty points and therefore the mandatory requirement to revoke your full UK driving licence. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Avoid a conviction by securing a not guilty verdict at Court or persuading the CPS to withdraw the case against you
  • Persuading the court to impose less than 6 points on your licence by presenting a powerful strong mitigation
  • Persuade the Court to impose a short discretionary disqualification – Where you have been convicted of an offence and face points there is always an option to ask the Court to consider that the offence is so serious that a disqualification should be imposed instead of penalty points. If the court disqualify you outright for the offence then it will be for a short period (usually between 7 -56 days). Once the disqualification is completed you will have a full UK driving licence returned to you and you will NOT have to take your test again.

If you are a new driver and face penalty points it may be in your interests obtain expert advice regarding this matter it may just save you having to take your test again.