How long are my points on my licence?

  • Your points remain on your licence for a period of 3 years from the date that you were convicted of the offence

How do the courts calculate my points to determine if I am to be disqualified?

  • If you have 12 or more points on your licence at any time the Court must consider whether to disqualify you from driving.  To calculate how many points you have on your licence the Court calculate the points from the conviction date for the points on your licence to the date that you committed the new offence.  To give an example, you have 9 points on your licence for an offence committed on the 1/1/10 but you were not convicted of it till the 1/3/10.  You commit a new offence on the 1/2/13.  You appear at Court on the 1/4/13 and the Court imposes 3 points.  You would be considered for disqualification as at the time of the new offence (1/2/13) you had 9 points on your licence.

Will I get my defence fees back?

  • If you are successful in defending your case i.e. you are acquitted/found Not Guilty, you are entitled to apply for a Defence Costs Order.  This is paid by central funds. If your costs are £500 or below the Court on the day may award that amount to be paid in full.  However the Court may ask for your defence costs to be taxed.  This means they review the file from your defence Lawyer and the work conducted and calculate how much would have been charged if you had received legal aid.  In this case you may only get a proportion of your defence costs back.  Please contact us for further information.