Appealing a Conviction, Sentence or Decision Made at the Magistrates Court

If your case has been heard at the Magistrates Court and you are not happy with the decision that the Court has made, you have a right to appeal to the Crown Court.  This includes decisions on exceptional hardship and special reasons.

An appeal at the Crown Court would involve the case being re- heard, usually in front of a Crown Court Judge and two Magistrates.

If you wish to appeal, we can assist you in lodging the application and by preparing your case to be presented to the Crown Court.  We have extensive experience of appealing Magistrates’ Court matters and representing clients at appeals hearings in the Crown Court.

An application to appeal a decision by the Magistrates Court must be lodged within 21 days of the decision.  It is therefore extremely important you contact us as soon as possible.  Failure to do so could result in you being unable to appeal your case to the Crown Court.

Re-opening a Conviction or sentence when your case has been dealt with in your absence

If you have been convicted and/or sentenced in your absence then you can apply to the Magistrates Court to have your case re-opened.

To re-open a case you must make a Statutory Declaration within 21 days of you discovering that the proceedings have taken place.  We are able to prepare this document on your behalf and lodge it with the appropriate Court.

Once the Statutory Declaration is made, the conviction and/or sentence is set aside and any points endorsed on your licence or disqualification imposed is erased.  The police/CPS will then make a decision whether or not to re-summons you for the offence.   If you are re-summonsed we will be able to assist you in defending the case.